Monday, June 30, 2008

Devendra Banhart and Gilberto Gil and the Hollywood Bowl

I went to see Devendra Banhart with Nima and his girlfriend Annette last night. He played with Gilberto Gil and The Album Leaf. We didn't even know the Album Leaf was opening until we got there. And we were pretty much ignorant to the headlining Gilberto's music.

I took this photo the night before in LA at a taco stand. I could be dying and I wouldn't use that thing.

Devendra only played 8 or so songs. It was a bit of a let down, but he was good while he lasted.

Here is 'Long Haired Child', I recorded it on my Elph.

Gilberto's charisma made me forget that Devendra had such a short set. He really got things going.

For Gilberto's last song he invited Devendra back on stage.

We walked by this combo earning some bucks on our way to the car. A lady tried to harass them for playing too loud (which they honestly weren't), but Nima set things straight.

Buzzer Beater

Nima and I were playing NBA 2K8, we went into quadruple over time. It was intense. But then his Lamar Odom made the buzzer beating shot.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Session 1 High Cascade

Session 2 recap coming at you soon.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer shirt ish

Hanging up at High Cascade Snowboard Camp for the summer. Today we got down on some farts and crafts, hooked up a few dylan shirts, although i dont wear v-necks, im sure someone will. Stay tuned for some High Cascade updates!

A Trip to Vancouver with Desiree

Desiree recently had to head up north to Vancouver, BC to shoot her Runway Films intro etc. And as always she was kind enough to document her trip.

Here is Desiree's friend and Runway star Raewyn Reid and their directions to what Desiree calls the beer store.

The beer store.

The set of the intro. This is the car Desiree had to pretend to drive.

Desiree and Leanne Pelosi handling business. Did you know Leanne's real name is Jenna?

Desiree thinks she looks like a Super Sayan. I didn't know what it was either.

Bev looking out of Jeff Keenan's window at the Pacific Ocean.

Smart cars invade Canada.

Desiree's moment crush.

Emerica Wins the Anticipation Poll

I have an old spot book that I was making for a little while back when I shot skateboarding a bunch. I was with Leo Romero a lot back then and since Emerica won and he's one of Emerica's stars, I figured I'd throw a couple of these Polaroids up.

I wasn't carrying my Polaroid camera around to take artsy photos, it was a cheap camera that I used solely to log spots and write the address on the bottom, which I photoshopped out of a couple of these.

The school Bill and Ted made famous also has this triple set. That's Gareth Stehr mid ollie. This day was actually a pretty heavy day. Between the three dudes I was with, the triple set saw a switch ollie, backside 180, pop shuv-it, kickflip, and heelflip.

Warm up crooks.

This hubba was hot back then.

Most people when they have a trick they want on a rail this big will try to just bang it out and jet. Leo just skated it like it was a flat bar. 5050, boardslide, smith, feeble, 5050 nollie out, and backlip.

He did however end up a little cut up after the above rail. Backlip in 4 tries. And yes he liked that red hat.

The World is Ours, Corey Smith's Art Exhibit

Big Mountain Mike, Desiree, and I decided to check out Corey Smith's exhibit at Nine Star last night and meet up with Harrison and friends. A lot of people showed up, Luke McMasters was even there. It was good seeing that guy, it had been a while.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have a lot in common with Big Mountain Mike and myself, you know, like we're twins and stuff. Although we can't roll our eyes back like them.

Dan Wiegle from Elm looking at me like, "Oh no, here's Lance again with his stupid camera."

Desiree's new hair do and Chicken.


Artist. Corey Smith.

They even let people skate the ramp. Here Harrison is dealing with our heckles.

This wasn't a part of the show, it was on the bathroom door. But I dig it. I can really relate.


Harrison was standing under the word SNOW, and I couldn't help but think it was funny.

"We're so cool, we made Lance think all his goggles exploded! Woo-hoo! Fun at Lance's expense!" Chicken and Brandon, my "friends" who prank called me.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Am Jams with Harrison Gordon

Check out what Gordito Boardito has been jamming to on Snowboard Revolution. Click Here.

Nick Dirks

Check out Nick in twsnow's new web vid from camp of champions

Joe Sexton's Vital 20

Check out Joe's Vital Twenty by Evan LeFebvre and Snowboarder Mag. Click the above image.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Louie Fountain on Ashbury

Yeah we know. We're great decision makers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ricky Tucker

Thanks to Evan and the homies at i stumbled across this fresh photo of Ricky up at Mt. Hood in the Ashbury Kaleidoscope Stars goggle.

Neil Dacosta

Our good friend Neil "Neir" Dacosta has a new website. He's got more vision than most peacoat clad artists out there. Check his site.

Also visit Shayboarder's blog to the right. Our boy Seth Quackenbush has an interview on there. He's Nitro's sales manager and fresh as hell.

Skateboarding at Raging Waters

check this shit, it's pretty cool

Monday, June 23, 2008

Go Skateboarding Day

The 405 Freeway. Go Skateboarding Day.

Lasts with Eric Fernandez

1. Last black eye: Playing roller hockey when I was in 6th grade. This fat kid
high sticked me in the face.

2. Last good purchase: $5.00 veggie burger at Merlin's.

3. Last time you skated a new spot: Yesterday I skated the new mini ramp at
Camp of Champs. Last time I skated a new street spot was in San Francisco on the

4. Last realization: That the TV in our staff housing at Camp of Champs
actually doesn't work at all. Doesn't even turn on.

5. Last movie that made you fight off the tears: Don't Mess with the Zohan.

6. Last thing you sold to make it to San Francisco: I never actually sold
anything, I ventured there with no money instead.

7. Last song you learned on your guitar: I learned a Beirut song on a ukulele
at guitar center.

8. Last negative thing Scanz said to you: He was bummed because the heat in
Salt Lake was taking away from his partying and skateboarding.

9. Last great decision you made: Going into a hot tub with lots of french
canadian babes.

10. Last website you check every day: to see
how my poll is doing.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Top Fives with Josh Mills

Things about moving to Oregon at 16 for snowboarding:
1. Riding everyday
2. Living like a homeless kid
3. No distractions
4. Riding everyday
5. miss it

Songs too good for a video part:
1. Iron maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
2. Elton John - Tiny Dancer
3. Queen - Fat Bottom Girls
4. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Open Heart Surgery
5. The Boss - Born In The USA

People who should be given a chance to film a video part:
1. Aidan Payson
2. Curtis Sorensen
3. James Fredrick
4. Josh Paulson
5. Scott Blum

Things about your hog (motorcycle):
1. It was rental
2. I Liked it
3. I want one
4. Fuck
5. I really want one

Awkward moments:
1. My life is an awkward moment

Things about growing up with Bryan Fox:
1. Awesome
2. I didn't grow up with him. We met when I was 16
3. 5 months after we met we moved to Oregon together
4. Best times in my life with that guy
5. Lots of snowboarding

Things about riding for Nitro:
1. Nothing better
2. Fun
3. Dangerous
4. Good trips
5. Good people

1. Music
2. Friends
3. Skating
4. Drinking with friends
5. Katy Perry

Snowboarder stereotypes:
1. What?

Top five possible future tattoos:
1. Portrait of my Grandma
2. Owl
3. SHHH on my finger
4. Pin up girl
5. Black heart on my hand

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Funny

Apparently if you have an iphone you can prank call people from other people's numbers. I found out about this when my friends' Chicken and Brandon Phillips called me from Nima's number. Below is the recording. Now I talk to Nima multiple times a day, so I was completely off guard. And the caller ID said Nima Jalali, so you can imagine what I was thinking when I got the call. Listen. Enjoy at my expense.

Everyone Wants to be a Snowboarder?

I just came across one of the most amusing articles I've read in a long time. Don't ask me how, but while surfing the net I happened to land on an independent college newspaper known as The Peak. The article is titled Everyone Wants to be a Snowboarder and this college student begins to let the reader know how undeniably cool we (snowboarders) are. Instead of bringing her point home, she unknowingly proved to me something I've known all along. Snowboarding has just as many clueless enthusiasts as the next hobby, sport, counter-culture, or whatever you want to classify us as.

Everyone Wants to be a Snowboarder

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kooley/Nitro ad write up

Andy Blumberg just put up a post on his blog, read it by clicking here

Dirks by Arjan

Our Myspace friend Arjan sent us this sequence he took of Nick Dirks at the GvR contest a few months ago. Click on the image to view it bigger and do it justice. Thanks Arjan!

Five Minutes with Boardin Gordon on Snowboard Revolution

You can read Five Minutes with Harrison Gordon just by clicking the above image which is really a link to Snowboard Revolution. Here is an excerpt like I did for Sexton:

What's it like having a girlfriend that is a professional snowboarder?
It's pretty cool. I have unlimited stickers and stuff so you know...its amazing

Sunday, June 15, 2008

NBA Finals Poll

The Boston Celtics won the poll. Big deal. I think we have to spread this out into 4 categories:

1. Celtics fans
2. Laker fans
3. Celtics haters
4. Laker haters

And it's safe to say that most people who voted for Boston are in category 4 as opposed to category 1. And it's also safe to say that most people who voted for LA are part of category 2 as opposed to category 3. So what I'm trying to say is, the Lakers still come out on top.

And despite what seems like inevitability, it's not over yet. The Lakers will win tonight, and that leaves them just one game behind.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

And Now

Last night was the 10th annual Transworld Skateboarding awards along with the premiere for the new Transworld video And Now. My elph is still being fixed so I was going to borrow Big Mountain Mike's camera, but of course he forgot to charge his. So unfortunately I have no photographs!

I pretty much went only for the video. Everything else was a bit of a junk show. Both the awards ceremony and after party. Not to say it wasn't entertaining, just a junk show. Guy Mariano made a sweep and Habitat didn't do so bad either. Here's who won:

BEST ROOKIE: Silas Baxter-Neal
Guy Mariano
: Habitat
: Lakai, Fully Flared
: Stefan Janoski, Inhabitants & Nothing But The Truth
: Dan Drehobl
: Guy Mariano, Lakai, Fully Flared
: Guy Mariano
: Tony Hawk

And now for And Now. I'm not going to say too much, because you just have to wait to see it. But this definitely lived up to the hype. The three standout parts for me were Richie Jackson, David Gravette, and Nick Trapasso. The whole movie had good music, especially Nick. Although I need to see it again, premieres are fun, but I always have to watch it in a home-like environment to get a real feel for the movie.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kyle Clancy

We've waded through the misty mountains of Jackson Hole to find one of the more free thinking snowboarders of our generation, and would now like to welcome Kyle Clancy to the team!

Evan Wins

Evan LeFebvre is in Portland with the Grenade dudes, they're filming some stuff for their new movie and they drew straws to see who gets to powder this young lady's cleavage. Congratulations Evan!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jesse Burtner Dropping 10 on Gus

Stole this one from the Think Thank site...Thanks Mr. Burtner


check the post on the mdp site,  CLICK HERE

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drum Roll Please

For the first time ever on a public arena! Desiree Melancon's very first sponsor me video! She made this during the summer of 05 and has allowed me the pleasure of sharing it with you.

She wanted me to change the song, but I talked her down.

And here is a quick clip of Desiree learning a new trick at Bear.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Muy Sexy

Nick Dirks aka Dick Jerks just sent me this skate vid starring himself, Jarad Hadi, Max Mayfield, and Paul Rarrick. Shot by Austin Will. Dick even takes some kiddies out!

Jordan Mendenhall Mini Ramp Clip

Here is a little clip of Jordan Mendenhall skating a mini ramp that Will Tuddenham of Team Thunder shot. Although I've never actually met Will, I owe him a dollar. I bet him the Lakers would sweep the Jazz in the playoffs. I knew they wouldn't but I just wanted to get under his skin. Well the Lakers are in the Finals and the Jazz are on vacation, and maybe I just won't pay Will that dollar ever. (Correction: Team Thunder Videographer Adam Morales shot this, I just found it on Will's Youtube page.)

Estate LA Flagship Store Grand Opening

Estate LA is having the Grand Opening of their flagship store this Friday, the 13th at 7pm in Venice. If you haven't already check them out.

No Correct Way

Some heavy maneuvers in the teaser for Rome's No Correct Way starring LNP. Click the logo above.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lasts with Harrison Gordon:

1) Last band that you realized you really liked:

I don't know? I need new music.

2) Last time Mac Spedale pissed you off:

Well when he was visiting me recently we didn't go skateboarding one single time.

3) Last time you thought, "What did I just get myself into?":

Trying to do a frontside 360 today at Camarillo skatepark.

4) Last bit of good news:

I'm not starting school for another week.

5) Last good time in Salt Lake City:

Hanging with Will, Cody, Ben G, Sean, Adam, Sean B, Pat, Sam Spedale, Andy the Landlord, Danny, Marzipan, Eric F, Big Nick, Nick Russel, Seabass and everyone else who I know is always a great time. Every time!

6) Last time you were mistaken for Shaun White:

You are the only one who would say that dickhead.

7) Last advice you received:

"When you assume you make and ass out of u and me" or "AFLO" -DG

8) Last time you woke up early to go skateboarding:

Never? What the heck? I don't know maybe on my friends birthday party when were 13 or so. My friend's Dad drove us to the chino 4 block so we could try to skateboard there.

9) Last text message in your phone:

It is from you "you got mail".

10) Last time Desiree one upped you snowboarding:

Probably every time.

Top Fives with Rob Mathis

We've picked Rob's brain a little, read what we found out and then visit!

Places to Shoot:
1) SLC,Utah
2) Helsinki, Finland
3) Stockholm, Sweden
4) Minneapolis, Minnesota,
5) Whistler for pow pow

Snowboarders to Shoot:
1) JP Walker
2) Jeremy Jones
3) Seth Huot
4) Darrell Mathes/Pat Moore
5) Iikka Backstrom/Eddie Wall

(Top 5 in rotation right now are)
1) Immortal.
3) Destroyer666
4) Warbringer
5) Satyricon

Things to do in the Off-Season:
1) Family/kids
2) Poker
3) Harley
5) Watch racing all day Sunday

Things to Say Yes to:
1) My wife
2) Poker
4) Harley ride
5) Sushi tonight

(In no particular order)
2) Embry Rucker
3) Andy Wright
4) Blotto
5) Jeff Curtes

Spots to Eat:
1) Nobu (San Clemente) ummm salmon specials
3) Sushi joint at the bottom of the rail in Stockholm
4) Cheesecake Factory
5) Wendy's #6(haha)

Snowboard Vids of all Time:
1) Decade
2) Resistance
3) True Life
4) Simple Pleasures
5) Happy Hour

Excuses Not to go on a Cold Rail Trip: (You mean backcountry shoot?)
1) Sled's not running
2) Drive there's sketchy
3) Avalanche dangers
4) I have to Hike?