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The website is now up.  This blog is dead.

But we've moved the blog to our website, so no big deal.





ok ok the website didn't launch yesterday, but it really is expected to launch today...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farewell post

check Nima's interview on YOBEAT!  yobeat is one of the freshest sites around, I love yobeat!

can you feel it?  it's so close...



Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008


It's almost that time.

Sharks and Stingrays

I was going fishing in one of the mini back bays in Newport Beach when Louie Paradise, more commonly known as Louif Paradis, called me. Louif and his girlfriend Eve had just driven from British Columbia and were driving through Newport to San Diego and then on to Quebec. So they joined me and some friends.

Eve opened it up real quick. She caught hers before Louif even had his bait in the water. We were catching sand sharks.

My friend Narissa was on a rampage. This shark I'm grappling with is the first fish she ever caught.

Louif reeling one in. He's all mellow about it.

And tossing it back.

Narissa caught this sting ray as well. I was scared of it.

This is my friend Joe and his first fish ever. The two times I've fished here, three of my friends have caught their first fish ever. Drainage water produces hungry fish.

Gou Miyagi

if you need a pick me up, watch this part.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

30 Tricks at Camp of Champs with Nick and Eric

Check out the Camp of Champs vid Transworld just put up, It's got Eric Fernandez and Nick Dirks in it. Just click on Eric's Ashbury Hoody, or those buttery ass goggles.

Blaise Rosenthal's Art Show!!!!!!

Don't sleep on this one!  We're all gonna be there.

Robbie Sell Photo Gallery on Shred Fantastique

Andy Blumberg just posted a blog with a photo gallery from Robbie Sell, check it out, you can find pics of Mills, Jordan and Dirks there.  CLICK HERE to peep it
Nick Dirks fools

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chunder Video

Squish Adam Morales' head with your pointer to view the new Team Thunder Webisode on This one is my favorite. I posted a comment too under my possibly one-time-only alias, "Largemouth Bass".

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stepchild Teaser

Stepchild has another video coming out this season featuring Joe Sexton and the rest of the Stepchild team. Check the teaser.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Eric Fernandez Documents the Baker Deathwish Demo in SLC

Baker and Deathwish are on tour and Eric Fernandez, who has been patiently waiting for his copy of Autumn Line's Technicolour, brought his nice camera (I don't know if it's nice actually) and shot some photographs.

Antwuan Dixon showing mad respect.

Cale Zima.

Cody Comrie. He kinda looks like he's transforming into the Hulk or something.

And here he is skateboarding.

Eric, Dave Graves, and Lizard King.

Fice. Laura Hadar threw the after party.

Jiminy Greco.

Lizard King.

Lizard and Spanky.




Kickflip frontboard.

Wallie up.

Scanzoni and friends on their way to the party.



The Boss.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Catching Up With Sean Tedore

Sean Tedore has been backing Ashbury since before we even came up with a name. You remember him from Neoproto and now you may be riding some new technology that he's come up with at K2 since he's the man behind their snowboards. I've been trying to interview him for about a week now, and finally nailed him down. If you like what he has to say then you should peruse his blog, we have a link to the right.

Hey Sean, where are you at right now?

Sean: I am at work in Seattle, at K2.

Alright, I had to ask. You're in China one day, Hood the next, who knows where you're gonna be. It must be nice to not have to deal with me anymore in Seattle though huh?

Sean: No way man! I miss the peaceful nature walks to the coffee stand.

Those were nice, weren't they.

Sean: The best.

Well what are you working on now? Anything you can tell me about?

Sean: Some top secret super duper 09 flying saucer type shreds. Next level. I would try to explain it, but you might get confused.

I'm not opposed to flying saucers.

Sean: Gonna be real sweet.

I know it's been a while since you were filming video parts and stuff, but how do you like being on the other side of the snowboard industry?

Sean: It's really good. I definitely miss the days of filming with my friends, but I don't miss the debt, injurys, and stressing out about my job. So I am real happy with the change. I still get to shred a ton and get to hang with a lot of the same people I did back when, so it rules!

It does rule. You had my favorite part in Neoproto.

Sean: Really? That rules!

Yeah, your backside seven and switch frontsive five melon clinched it for me. I don't know if you remember those particular tricks.

Sean: Yeah I do. That was such a fun year. It was our first year doing Neoproto, and we didn't really have any idea how it was gonna turn out. I think it kinda kicked off this whole new video style that a lot of kids are into now. Pierre and Justin killed it right out the gate and made an insane movie. I am so stoked at how far they have taken it with the People movies.

Oh it definitely got people to make videos differently. So back to your new lifestyle, how is China?

Sean: China is crazy! So much action, poverty, smog, super rich people, dogs everywhere and just chaos. It makes you realize how good it is here. We really take it for granted. The people in China are amazing though. So smart, and super willing to learn more about our culture and styles. The best part is the driving. People drive crazy and cars always have the right away.

Yeah, do you drive?

Sean: No way. It's nuts. It makes me laugh when I come back to the states, and people get all pissed for getting cut off or something. They just don't understand how organized our roads are. I never get road rage anymore after being around driving over there.

Sounds like European lift lines.

Sean: The funniest thing is when pedestrians in the US get pissed about you not stopping to let them cross the road. If you tried that in China as a pedestrian you would get squashed.

How much time do you spend there a year? Do you have some clandestine family out there?

Sean: Haha, no family yet. I am there for about a month a year, but I am talking to the kids at the factory every day.

What other cool places does work take you?

Sean: Just all over the states, Colorado, Vegas, Canada, Hood, you know the usual west coast shred zones.

How is the dog?

Sean: Oh man the dog is awesome. We just took him to Mt. Hood and he loved it! We fed him Cobra Dogs and Volcano cones! Check this...

Oh man. What flavor is he eating right there?

Sean: Only vanilla, alot of that other stuff is bad for dogs.

Your dog sticks to the classics

Sean: Yeah real classy pup. Listens to all the old jams as well. Him and Scotty hung out a lot in hood.

That's good to hear, do you two ever argue over who is better between the Beatles and the Stones?

Sean: Sometimes, but we both agree the Stones have the edge.

Any rain in Seattle these days? What's your thoughts on Seattle compared to Reno or Tahoe?

Sean: Oh man, do I really have to answer? Just kiddin. I love Seattle, the people, the city, so much fun. I have met alot of great people here. But I have a soft spot in my heart for Reno. It's got the best of everything. Sun, Tahoe, my family, great friends, casinos, centrally located. So it's a tough choice. I really miss the pow days in Tahoe where it dumps all night and is bluebird in the AM. That's the best.

I can't think of anything better than that.

Sean: But Seattle is rad this time of year, especially since we have this rad crew of dudes that golf every Friday night. It's called the Men's Group.

Who's in the Men's Group? I would have joined if I were still there.

Sean: Yeah its rad, Brad Shueffelle, George Kleckner, Blue Montgomery, Cory Little, all sorts of fools. We even golf with none other than Russell Winfield!

I'm a little jealous. My first snowboard was a Joel Mahaffey/Russel Winfield snowboard.

Sean: Yeah I was totally star struck at first, He rules. If anyone is in Seattle on a Friday night and wants to golf, feel free to hit one of us up. West Seattle Golf Course. I actually need to get going since it's Friday and the cousre it waiting.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Session 4 High Cascade

This summer has been nothing but goodtimes, 4 sessions down and 2 to go.... got a quick E.F. shot in this one. Eric was up here riding High Cascade for a hot second. Also don't blink on our boi Micah Hollinger holding down the curtains in a Bob shirt.

Catching Up With Neil 'Neir' Dacosta

I first met Neil Dacosta about 6 years ago when we were both living in Salt Lake City. He was just starting to break out on the snowboard scene and I was just starting to realize that I should be concentrating more on school. One of the things I noticed about Neil though, is that he's one of those guys who shows no outward signs of his creativity. I think a lot of people these days attempt to project their creativity through their appearance. Neil projects his creativity through his work. After you've finished reading this interview, go check out his website.

So Neil, what are you up to right now?

Neil: Trying to relax before our show tonight, our second one so I am still pretty nervous.

Show? I didn't know you had a band?

Neil: Shelby Menzel's band "The Sentimental Gentlemen". We DON'T sound like Yanni.

That sounds like a name Shelby would come up with.

Neil: Well we are sentimental gentlemen.

Well if I get this up soon enough, where can people go see you tonight for themselves?

Neil: Wimpy's Bar, 519 NW 21st AVE. I think.

Who else is in the band and what are you playing?

Neil: Shelby Menzel on guitar, Mr. Jonathan Schier on drums, Michael Leblanc on trombone, and yours truly on bass.

Bass huh? That's pretty fitting. I always get nice photos of you catching largemouth bass. Have you been playing any of them lately?

Neil: Only one little one so far this season.

What a brave dog.

Neil: She fell in not too long after.

What's her name?

Neil: Loki.

I bet everyone likes Loki. Have you made your way up to Hood this summer?

Neil: Thats where I caught that fish, I haven't put on snowboard boots yet though. I like taking the summer off from snow.

I think fishing may be a little more summer appropriate.

Neil: Unless there is cash involved.

Yeah I hear you on that. I forgot what money looks like.

Neil: Yea, summers off build up the stoke for when the real snow comes.

When I met you, you were living in Salt Lake City. How's Portland in comparison?

Neil: Completely different world. When I am in Salt Lake, it is for the snow. Salt Lake is great for snow, Portland has beautiful summers and thats what I am here for.

Who did you shoot with this winter? Any highlights?

Neil: Mostly with women riders. The whole Roxy team and a bunch with Sara Phillips. Then a little with Team Thunder. And even less with my Scandinavian Action Horse buddies.

Action Horse, that's a good name.

Neil: Good name for good guys.

Here's one for all the photography dorks, actually I have two in a row for the photography dorks. Question One: What is your favorite thing to shoot?

Neil: Yikes. I am trying to shoot more portraits. That could be my favorite thing at the moment.

That's good, that's actually the reason I asked. I've always thought you shot really good portraits.

Neil: Does "nudes" make me sound cooler?

Nudes make you seem creepier, and everyone knows creeps are mad artsy! Are you ready for photo dork question two?

Neil: Yea.

Ok. What is your favorite camera set up to shoot with at the moment?

Neil: My T3 point and shoot 35mm camera, it makes me take "snapshots" which I never used to really do. I always had to plan shoots, but not with the T3. Completely different realm of photography for me.

Yeah, I love my Elph. I don't know how it stands up to the T3. But it's good to always be ready to make or ruin someone's day with a nice photograph.

Neil: Hopefully I haven't ruined anyone's day yet. This interview might do that though. Remember when I used to shoot photos of you?

Yeah, those days were the best. My parents framed one of them. I should go shoot some Elph photos of you this winter.

Neil: That would definitely ruin someone's day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ichat Image Interview with Sexton

I got down to some serious business with Joe Sexton today. Serious business. Joe and I are no fun together, just straight faces. Straight faces and tucked in shirts. We get along alright enough, we just tuck in our shirts and get to it. Here is a little ichat we had.

It's a little hard to read, I can't make them any bigger. You might have to click on the images to make them bigger.