Monday, March 31, 2008

RIP: Squirrel: The One Day Anniversary

We filmed another day at Bear. It took me a while to make it because I was in Mammoth hitting my face, getting disoriented, and lost.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

LNP in EA Skate

Joe Mertes' brother made a character on EA Skate and Joe realized that it looked exactly like LNP. Except he's regular footed here.


Austin Shrebanenko from Odyn Vovk sent me this picture. This is our friend Joel K's sister's boyfriend. Pretty cool.

Post Snowboarding Skate Session

Everyone's been away from skating for far too long. So we checked out Big Bear's prefab park for a little bit. I'm not feeling too creative right now, so I'm going to kinda lay off the captions.

Seven of us piled into Desiree's car. I tried to get a photo showing how packed in we were, but this is all I got.




Danny Scanzoni killing it.

Dick Nirks with his Boy Louie Paradise Head to Bear

Nick Dirks came down with Louif Paradis to Bear. Below is the freshest video you've ever seen of our first day shredding here. And we're making another one of day two.

I saw a guy land on Nick on this jump. Nick fell messing around on the take off and this guy, a kinda big guy, hit it anyway and just landed on him. Board to body. Nick luckily put his arm up so the dude didn't land on his neck. It was pretty funny after I knew Nick was ok.

Lots of black stuff caked our boards. Here Nick is scrapping it with his pass.

Big Mountain Mike, Boardin' Gordon, and Desiree lifting.

Harrison standing guard as Nick pees mid run.

Louif, Desiree, Nick, Harry, and Mike talking about who did the best backflip at the end of the day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hawaii Soon

Desiree and Harrison just got back from Hawaii and I'll post some photos soon from their trip. I'll probably see them tonight or tomorrow. But for now here is another picture Desiree drew.

A cowboy, obviously.

Going Into the City

Matty is headed to the city. He's taking a break from Eastern Canada to take in the pleasures of New York City. Until April Fool's Day at least, then it's back to the grind. Here is a new Bozwreck edit.

Bozwreck Chopped Screwed.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nick Dirks and Transworld in Quebec

Nick Dirks has been posted up in Quebec for about 3 weeks now with Louif Paradis, Jarad Hadi, and Robbie Walker. They even shredded with LNP for a while. Transworld's Joe Carlino was there filming (he shoots HD and doesn't like calling it filming, bit I don't care) and sent me some photos.

Artsy building.

LNP has it all figured out.

Louif looking like Hunter S. Thompson from Fear and Loathing.

Dirks' new sled. It's super vintage, Nick is becoming quite the sled neck.

Nick and Jarad are pretty close, they probably hold hands at the park.

More Carlino artsyness, this time Nick got involved.

Nick and Louif are at the forefront of innovation with chopsticks, maybe even snowboards.

The crew about to get nasty.

I know what happened here...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cat Fight

I was out of town for a few days and have nothing to post here, except my scrappy cats. I'm supposed to pick up Nick Dirks and Louif Paradis from LAX tomorrow so they can take a little break from filming for the Transworld video, 'These Days'. I'm not quite sure yet though. If they do, I'll make another Elph video. I already have the song picked out.

Man-Killing Hector vs. Ranger.


"Had enough?"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ashbury needs some PR like this right here. Look at this dude saving a 78 year old man from a flood in Missouri. It's like a FedEx ad... Will someone please go save lives with our goggles on? Oh don't forget the camera.

If you can't save lives, then at least do what Eric Fernandez is doing. Get the kiddies while they're young. Eric already has Ben Gustafson's son Quinn Marzipan Gustafson hooked. That's how you create brand loyalty!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Halfpipe Poll Results In

The First Annual Ashbury Invitational is over! Check out Big Mountain Mike's rendition of the podium below. He was going to give them all-over print full suit outerwear, but he was feeling much too compassionate for that.

1st Place: Gus Engle
2nd Place: Nick Dirks
3rd Place: Nima Jalali

Monday, March 17, 2008

Matty's Soul

Matty said his soul got tired of everything and just split. Don't worry Matty it will be okay. This is another Bob Plumb photo.


I'm back from Utah. Look to the right... only hours left to vote for the halfpipe poll.

Evan LeFevbre showed us around Park City a bit.

After Mills sent me those nice photos form his drives I had to do the same. This is on the 15 South right before St. George.

I don't remember where this one was.

And this is Vegas traffic!


Brighton and Powder.

Gus and HCSC at Bear Mountain

So about a month ago I posted a flier for High Cascade's Bear Mountain session. I thought it was in February, I have no idea why. It's actually going on right now. Gus Engle is in town with Jesse Burtner and Johnny Miller. Justin Meyer is going to keep us updated with photos!

Usually when I see people lay one back these days, it's kinda like whatever. But not Justin Meyer, he lets it rip!

Gus is beginning to look like a model. I think Johnny agrees.

Ok, maybe not.

"What that smell like?" - Unforgivable

Matty Bozwrecking Canada

Matty Ryan and his crew have been living Canadian for a bit now. I think most of the crew is leaving now and Matty is going to stay up in Quebec for the rest of the season. It's Matty's gypsy days. He's meeting up with Ben Bilocq, so he'll have pretty much one of the best guides you can get. And Ben is no stranger to bangers either.

Cale Zima's impersonation of a canvas.

I don't know what they're doing, but I would have been writing my code name on the wall.

Cale and Keegan, not over it.

Always a good time, especially in another country.

This is the Bozwreck touring bus. It's real flashy.

Delta Airlines lost Bob Plumbs clothes, so Keegan here set him up with some G gear.


Matty doesn't even care.

Keegan and Matty.



The Bozwreck touring van can handle it all. bring it.

Comfortable living.

Bob Plumb. G'd up.