Thursday, July 31, 2008

Session 4 High Cascade

This summer has been nothing but goodtimes, 4 sessions down and 2 to go.... got a quick E.F. shot in this one. Eric was up here riding High Cascade for a hot second. Also don't blink on our boi Micah Hollinger holding down the curtains in a Bob shirt.

Catching Up With Neil 'Neir' Dacosta

I first met Neil Dacosta about 6 years ago when we were both living in Salt Lake City. He was just starting to break out on the snowboard scene and I was just starting to realize that I should be concentrating more on school. One of the things I noticed about Neil though, is that he's one of those guys who shows no outward signs of his creativity. I think a lot of people these days attempt to project their creativity through their appearance. Neil projects his creativity through his work. After you've finished reading this interview, go check out his website.

So Neil, what are you up to right now?

Neil: Trying to relax before our show tonight, our second one so I am still pretty nervous.

Show? I didn't know you had a band?

Neil: Shelby Menzel's band "The Sentimental Gentlemen". We DON'T sound like Yanni.

That sounds like a name Shelby would come up with.

Neil: Well we are sentimental gentlemen.

Well if I get this up soon enough, where can people go see you tonight for themselves?

Neil: Wimpy's Bar, 519 NW 21st AVE. I think.

Who else is in the band and what are you playing?

Neil: Shelby Menzel on guitar, Mr. Jonathan Schier on drums, Michael Leblanc on trombone, and yours truly on bass.

Bass huh? That's pretty fitting. I always get nice photos of you catching largemouth bass. Have you been playing any of them lately?

Neil: Only one little one so far this season.

What a brave dog.

Neil: She fell in not too long after.

What's her name?

Neil: Loki.

I bet everyone likes Loki. Have you made your way up to Hood this summer?

Neil: Thats where I caught that fish, I haven't put on snowboard boots yet though. I like taking the summer off from snow.

I think fishing may be a little more summer appropriate.

Neil: Unless there is cash involved.

Yeah I hear you on that. I forgot what money looks like.

Neil: Yea, summers off build up the stoke for when the real snow comes.

When I met you, you were living in Salt Lake City. How's Portland in comparison?

Neil: Completely different world. When I am in Salt Lake, it is for the snow. Salt Lake is great for snow, Portland has beautiful summers and thats what I am here for.

Who did you shoot with this winter? Any highlights?

Neil: Mostly with women riders. The whole Roxy team and a bunch with Sara Phillips. Then a little with Team Thunder. And even less with my Scandinavian Action Horse buddies.

Action Horse, that's a good name.

Neil: Good name for good guys.

Here's one for all the photography dorks, actually I have two in a row for the photography dorks. Question One: What is your favorite thing to shoot?

Neil: Yikes. I am trying to shoot more portraits. That could be my favorite thing at the moment.

That's good, that's actually the reason I asked. I've always thought you shot really good portraits.

Neil: Does "nudes" make me sound cooler?

Nudes make you seem creepier, and everyone knows creeps are mad artsy! Are you ready for photo dork question two?

Neil: Yea.

Ok. What is your favorite camera set up to shoot with at the moment?

Neil: My T3 point and shoot 35mm camera, it makes me take "snapshots" which I never used to really do. I always had to plan shoots, but not with the T3. Completely different realm of photography for me.

Yeah, I love my Elph. I don't know how it stands up to the T3. But it's good to always be ready to make or ruin someone's day with a nice photograph.

Neil: Hopefully I haven't ruined anyone's day yet. This interview might do that though. Remember when I used to shoot photos of you?

Yeah, those days were the best. My parents framed one of them. I should go shoot some Elph photos of you this winter.

Neil: That would definitely ruin someone's day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ichat Image Interview with Sexton

I got down to some serious business with Joe Sexton today. Serious business. Joe and I are no fun together, just straight faces. Straight faces and tucked in shirts. We get along alright enough, we just tuck in our shirts and get to it. Here is a little ichat we had.

It's a little hard to read, I can't make them any bigger. You might have to click on the images to make them bigger.

Joe Carlino on Today's Earthquake

As you may have heard already, there was an earthquake in Southern California today. I always like earthquakes, as long as no one gets hurt. You know, the day is considerably more interesting when an earthquake drops in. So I decided to see what Joe Carlino thought about it all.

Joe, did you feel that earthquake today?

Joe: Yea, it felt cute.

Were you editing? Did it ruin everything?

Joe: No, Corey and I were talking about the avalanche he was in, then the room started to shake. It was wild.

It felt really strong up here, how was it down there? Are you used to earthquakes yet?

Joe: Not that bad, nothing fell over. That was the biggest I have felt since I moved to California.

It would be. It opened my filing cabinets and knocked over some pictures and dvds. Did you hide in a doorway?

Joe: Nah, we just all looked at each other. I thought about. I was more worried about protecting the hard drives. Like in case the wall fell down.

I thought about it too, but instead I looked out my window. Do you think that These Days will be influenced by the quake, like maybe it will be more edgy now?

Joe: I hope, I think thats what snowboarding needs right now.

Yeah, maybe the earthquake will be foreshadowing of the new trends for next season.

Joe: Whats that? Construction helmets?

Maybe, or maybe people will start riding their fixed gears to the top of the slope instead of using the chairlift.

Joe: I heard the new Autumn Line movie is edgy, I want to see it.

Yeah it's out there. I heard that the Newsroom movie is done too. It's getting around that time. When is your movie done?

Joe: Probably never at this point.

Gold Country Webisode 3

Team Thunder's Gold Country webisode 3 is now up on This one has crails, two and a halves, skateboarding, and emos. Click on the guy just to the right of the N in brighton to view. interviews Nima about Ashbury just did an interview with Nima about Ashbury, CLICK HERE to read.

Peter in Belize

Peter Benchetler just got back from Belize with his family. He sent me some photos, without much explanation other than titling the photos. Which is fine. I think the photos speak for themselves. Don't expect these photos to be in any sort of chronological order either, they're just laid out alphabetically.

Barracuda are fast. Peter must be an unbelievable swimmer to catch this guy.

The Belize River, from Peter's vantage point. He's very tall.


Peter's the copilot.

Crocodile territory.

Peter's haggard grill.


Dolphins are very intelligent, and everyone knows it takes intelligence to be capable of evil. Everyone knows that. Well, dolphins are sometimes guilty of gang rapes.

Peter's Belizean front yard.

His goodbye photo.

I'm not the guy who goes in the water when there are jellyfish around. Peter however isn't afraid to stare danger in the face.

Peter tanning.

Peter labeled this one, Lancestore. I believe I'm a little more prudent than that.

Copilot Peter's seat.

You can see Peter fishing in the distance.

Protective measures.


Doesn't this look nice.

This reminds me of the bass fishing games I'd play as a child.

Snow Rev Interviews Team Thunder

Sam Spedale at Snowboard Revolution interviews the Team Thunder's Cody Comrie and Ben Gustafson about their upcoming release Gold Country. If you read it you might be able to draw cool Team Thunder hats like the one above. You also have to click on the hat to read the interview.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Snow Rev Interviews Clancy

Snowboard Revolution interviews Kyle Clancy, you can read it too it you just click the background of the above image.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Super Girl in Huntington Beach, CA

The US Open of Surfing is going on at Huntington Beach right now and alongside the US Open there is an all female snowboard contest, skate contest, and all kinds of other things. Huntington is kind of a weird place as it is, but you bring all this with it and it's super awkward and crowded.

Well Desiree did the snowboard contest today. Big Mountain Mike, Harrison, and I came along as well to intimidate the judges or back her up in a fight or whatever.

Desiree and Harrison, happy in hats.

Palm trees.

Creepy microphone.

Don't worry, she's ok.

This girl backside smithed that rail FT.

Harrison and Big Mountain.

Under all those tents are pretty much every stupid idea you've ever had.

Desiree 5-0. This was Desiree's first time snowboarding since breaking her collarbone in April. She did all your favorite tricks. I'd tell you what they were, but then I'd sound like a douche bag. And I want you to like me.

Here's one of the cool tricks though. Hardway 180 fakie 5050. I took it a little early, but it was FT. And in case you care to know who won, it was Laurie Currier from Wrightwood. She landed a lot of tricks. And an honorable mention is Raewyn Reid, who I believe got second, but she nearly made a hardway backside 180 fakie 5-0. Yeah crazy. She locked into it, but just didn't ride out. Almost though.

I think she is trying to look like a Super Sayan again.