Friday, May 30, 2008

GUS' old part

This is one of Gus' old video parts,  i was so hyped on it when it came out,  video parts should 
all be fun to watch like this

Thursday, May 29, 2008

MDP's Down With People

Down With People has joined the ranks of movies with teasers. Check it, especially since a decent chunk of our team is going to be in the one.. Click Josh Mills' face.

Sullivan's New Venture: MTNOPS

Mark Sullivan's got a deep passion for snowboarding and I like that. We all should. He started The Snowboard Mag and now he's taking his passion for snowboarding and combining it with his years of thoughtful experimentation with the internet to make The sites official launch isn't for another 101 days, but for now visit the links page for some seriously comprehensive snowboard content. Click the logo above.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holden Photo Shoot

Desiree just got home from a photo shoot with Holden. She said it was awesome, and these photos prove it. Mad Ashbury heads were there.

Louie Fountain nap jamming.

Hook up with great people, you just got to join this club. You never knew it was that easy did you?

Matty was waiting his turn. Unicycling is the new skateboarding.

Gus Engle taking it all in.

Representing in the desert.

LNP dirtying his pants.

"Gus getting drunk fast." - Desiree

They found this coat and let Ruby try it out. But in the end Louie took it home.

LNP wooing a hawk. I could see this being an Ashbury ad, 2 page spread.

He looks like an Oompa Loompa.

Gus' shorts, legs, socks, and shoes.

Louie, Gus, and LNP. Quite the crew.

LNP shaved his beard and his sideburns are red. His beard was the real deal too.

The hip rock hangout. Gus and Hadar in the fore ground, Eric Messier walking into the cave, and Mikey LeBlanc, Sara Phillips, and LNP up top.

LNP dug this with his bare hands!

Matty kept his cigs in the microwave. And Darrel Mathes microwaved them with his burrito.

Mikey trying to smooch Desiree, but she said she was just too tall for him.

I guess natural flare is all the rage. This trend hasn't reached my area yet, it must be a desert thing.

Darrell Mathes.

Desiree gave LNP a tattoo.

At the bar. Looks very much like the kind of bar you'd find in the desert.

Gus rolled his cigarette and forgot the leftovers.

Desiree gave LNP another tattoo.

Walking home they saw this cafe and felt like eating cheeseburgers and chicken.

Hmmm... I'll take the chicken with fries and an apple, please.

If only their horse would share their enthusiasm..

And out of no where came Laurent on his white stallion!


I'm sure right there was just fine for the night.

I guess he's a roller.

No, they didn't even notice the super obvious UFO right next to them. They just wanted to make it home.

Who doesn't like gophers?

Darrell got a white convertable Mustang as a rental car. California dreamin.

It's mellow.

Almost looks like a blue grass band. Almost.

Mikey LeBlanc is a cyclops. After all these years we never knew. I guess he always had goggles on.

Desiree Visits the ER

So Desiree is still recovering from her broken collar bone and recently had a little complication. She had just flown in from her Holden shoot last night and had to go to the emergency room because of an infected abscess. This is what she had to say about what happened, "Well basically, I had to wear my brace and I never washed it and didn't shower often. Then I started becoming more active and the brace was rubbing my pits raw, pretty much to the point of bleeding. Then the infection started and it turned into a giant ball in my pit pretty much. Then the ball just kept growing until it hurt too much. Then I went to the ER for 4 hours and he cut it out and allowed me to take pictures with my celly while it was happening."

I know, you're hungry. Go eat dinner.

Cracking Down

I got an email recently from Mack Dawg People's Gabe L'Heureux with a subject of: Cracking Down. He attached this image. I emailed him asking what was up and this is what he said, "I got talked into going to a huka bar. It sucked. This sign made my night!"

I wouldn't have been allowed in.

Hunter Visits Ashbury

Friday I was talking to our So Cal rep Hunter McGilvray about our Memorial Day weekend plans. He was taking a boat out to Catalina early the next morning with Tall Todd from Active. Well I talked to him the next morning and he was in San Fransisco.

Hunter at the popular San Fransisco intersection famous in the sixties for it's part in the psychedelic rock scene. We may not have named Ashbury because of this place, but we definitely enjoy it's cultural significance.

This is Tall Todd, if you happen to be a sales manager then you most likely know him. He'll probably be challenged to a basketball game by Big Mountain Mike in the near future.

I had a samurai sword when I was in second grade. I stabbed my brother in the back with it. Not too bad, just enough to make him mad.

More Ashbury love. And peace.

Where Todd buys his pants.

Josh taking advantage of the special sales in China Town.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nima Jalali 5's

Just because he is part owner, doesn't count out the FIVES. Here is a few tops and bottoms from a brief cyber hangout.

1. Giorgio Brutini's
2. Es accels
3. some Itlalian joints i found at the mall
4. etnies fakie
5. keds

1. DJ mbenga (Lakers)
2. Kobe (Lakers)
3. the machine (lakers)
4. Baron Davis (Golden State)
5. Josh Smith (Atlanta)

1. Big Bear
2. Glendale high
3. Mt. Waterman
4. Kratka Ridge
5. My backyard

1. Justin Hebbel Love/Hate
2. Mike Carrol FTC Video (finally an ftc video)
3. Jon Kooley Love/Hate
4. Curtis Woodman Some kinda Life
5. Peter Line in anything

1. Justin Hebbel
2. Jon Kooley
3. Jordan Mendenhall
4. LNP
5. Joey Sexton

1. Fillipo Krater
2. Peter Line
3. Daniel Frank
4. Jordan Mendenhall
5. Curtis Woodman

TOP 5 AMs:
1. Nick Dirks
2. Harrison Gordon
3. Ben Bilocq
4. Johnny Miller
5. Gus Engle

1. any combo trick (nose grind to back lip is the worst)
2. toothpicks (some other people call them tailblocks)
3. anything with a bandana on your face
4. crooked grind on a snowboard
5. crail grab on a snowboard

Gus Engle

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Harrison Was Found.

If you scroll down a few you can see a picture Desiree found of "Harrison" in her image interview. Well, i luckily came across the video of dear ol' harry.
Check him out at 00:47, and especially heated at 02:31

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Double Decade

This is gonna be awesome! Check out the teaser fools.

Think Thank Moment Stack With Gus Engle

Check out this misty montage of our boi GUS ENGLE. Dont sleep on this one, pick up that Stack Footy from Think Think the second it hits the shelves!!!