Monday, November 26, 2007

Snowboard Revolution Photos

I got these photos from Snowboard Revolution's website. If you've never been to Snowboard revolution it's a pretty cool website that is updated quite a bit.

Who knows what Nick is looking at here? He should be looking at the lovely lady in the hat behind him.

Harrison Gordon. "I'm not sure I'm cut out for these things. I'm getting ready to do my trick and I hear the Dingo scream, 'Come on San Diego!!' And the crowd screams. I'm supposed to do a trick, but I can't think of anything. I just want to start clapping with them." - Boardin' Gordon about the night. (Loosely quoted)

Desiree Melancon

Desiree droppin Alley-oop 180's on. (aka hardway 180's)

Desiree also does backside 180's onto the box. The blue hat guy in the foreground must be looking at the surf.

Nick Dirks getting ready for the bikini portion of the contest.

Beanies and Bikinis

Nick Dirks doing what I think is a frontside 360 to 5050.

Saturday was the annual Beanies and Bikinis contest in San Diego hosted by Sun Diego. I wanted to go, but I was in Big Bear and that would have been a total of 4 hours of driving to get there and go snowboarding the next day at Big Bear. Desiree Melancon and Harrison Gordon did the drive though. I should have just hitched with them. Oh well.

Well Nick Dirks got second place in the Men's division and Desiree Melancon got third in the Women's! I borrowed this photo form I tried to borrow more, but the other photos saved to my desktop as links.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mammoth Video Day Two

We liked making the Mammoth Opening Day video so much that we decided to make a video for day two. This time Desiree Melancon joined in for the fun as well!

Monday, November 12, 2007

More Mammoth

I just got home from Mammoth. Here are some photos.

Josh and Peter's brother Chris were pong champs and pong champs generally think very highly of themselves.

Whiskey's. All of a sudden Peter and Josh were on stage.

The funny thing was that they didn't know the mic was on.

Harrison and Desiree aren't going to shy away from cutting up a rug any time soon.

Definitely my favorite photo of the trip!

Who knows what Harrison is doing or thinking here. All I do know is that he and Desiree joined Josh and Peter on stage at some point.



Peter rolling Josh home.

Josh ding-dong ditching the DVS RV.

Peter's house covered in some wet snow. It snowed all day Sunday.

Josh and I thought this looked nice on our way home. It's Lake Crowley or maybe Convict.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opening Day at Mammoth Video

I just got home from Mammoth and have an internet connection fast enough to upload this video. We also made a Day two video that I'll post tomorrow or the next day.

Oh yeah... This video stars Josh Mills, Peter Benchetler, Harrison Gordon, Mike Hakker, and maybe me. With guest appearances by Gabe Taylor and Jason Kell.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Opening Day Mammoth

Mills and I drove up to Mammoth and met up with my brother, and Ashbury tricksters Harrison Gordon and Peter Benchetler. We tried out our goggles and made a cool little movie. I tried to post the video on Youtube about 10 times last night, but Peter's internet is just too slow. I'll get it up today after shredding.

Millsy making Ashbury art on his snowboard.

Peter has some Ashbury art as well.

Harrison and Mills lifting. Harrison doesn't normally look like Teen Wolf.

Little children rockin the all over prints and looking fresher than me, Mills, Mike, Harrison, and Peter.

I didn't shoot too many photos, but this was the only one that even moderately came out. Mills jumping sticks.

Hunter and Tall Todd passed by Mills and I on the drive to Mammoth like bats! We didn't even consider catching up.

Robbie Sell has all his bases covered. Transworld, Future, Snowoard, Snowboarder, and Frequency. He rolling deep in his stache too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The Active dudes are cool and we've known them for a long time. We went down there so Nima can shoot some photos and to say hi to all our friends.

Brent Futogaki getting Nima jazzed to shoot some photos. Hunter (Ashbury SoCal Rep) seems to be pretty jazzed already.

This is my brother Mike (Ashbury Co-Founder/Creative Director). He's got more hair than me, Nima, Hunter, and Brent combined.

Active's Kenneth Ray and Johnny AZ. Kenny is a good man to have at your side when in french speaking countries. He's fluent, so he can eaves drop on pretty french ladies' conversations.

Zac (or Zak or Zack or Zach), Mike, and Mikey. I ate their candy and mocked their magazines.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Skateboard Gem

I found myself on the Toy Machine site and they had this video posted as 'the best thing I've seen in a while' or something along those lines. And it really is.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Nick Dirks

Monday in the Sun's very own Nick Dirks is now on Ashbury. If you don't know what Monday in the Sun is then go to Transworld's web site and search for it in their video library.

Imagine gambling your body on this? Then imagine your first cover.

Future Style Issue

Keep your eyes peeled for the above issue of Future Snowboarding. If you come across it, pick it up and open to page 28.