Monday, December 24, 2007

Bozwreck 2 Teaser

Matty Ryan and Nate Bozung are making Bozwreck 2 and we've got their very early teaser here. This teaser is shot exclusively with their Elph cameras.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pictures from the Stack

Everything's kinda mellow right now since everyone is being very Christmasy and hanging with their families. This leaves me very little to share. But I post, I post.

Joe Carlino sent me this photo of Nick Dirks a while ago. They posted up in Quebec for bit. I think Nick is showing Joe what kind of sunglasses he likes.

I don't even remember who gave this photo to me now. I think someone from Frequency, maybe Maxx. This is Mike Yoshida giving life a mellow thumbs up!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gus Engle and Justin Meyer Snowboarding in AK

Alaska native Gus Engle and Justin Meyer along with most of the Think Thank crew just got back from Alaska. I'm sure if you're reading this you've seen Think Thank's "Thanks Brain" and if you haven't, you should. They are very good at making snowboarding interesting. Here are some photos from Justin Meyer.

Panoramic Alaska.

Black and White= Artsy
Grainy= Artsy
Bald Eagle= America

Here is our friend Johnny Miller slashing some snow.

Gus Engle contrasting with the untouched snow behind.

One of our favorite video men Justin Meyer not in Big Bear.

One jump. This is Dinosaurs Will Die's Sean Genovese taking a break.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Josh Mills in Austria with Nitro.

Josh Mills just got back from an early December trip to Europe with Nitro. With Mills was with Tonino Copene, Pierre Minhondo, Mark Welsh, Bryan Fox, and Austin Smith. The original plan was to go to Bosnia, but I don't think there was enough snow. So they headed to Austria.

Austria in the day.

Austria at sunset.

Josh's Apple plug. His is an edgy matte black. With those lights you could say that this photo is a Nightmare on Elm Street plug as well.

I'd live in there.

You missed it. That was last Friday.

MDP People in Minnesota.

MDP People filmer Gabe L'Heureux sent me some photos from his recent Minnesota trip with some of the Ashbury snowboarders. Gabe's crew consisted of Joe Sexton, Jordan Mendenhall, Jon Kooley, and Andy Wright. From what I've heard, the trip was nice and hammerful.

Jordan trying out a new look.

Joey going down a rail. It looks like the camera's microphone is wearing the same coat as Jordan is above.

Jordan in glorious black and white.

This spot looks like it could offer a heavy slam, it did and I think Joe accepted the offer.


I think this is Kooley scoping a spot.

Jon and Joe discussing.

Looks like Joe likes it.

Sexton 5-0.

Joe's board.

Jordan staying warm at the ledge.

It looks to me like Jordan is finger boarding.

The crew: Joe Sexton, Jordan Mendenhall, Jon Kooley, Andy Wright, and Gabe L'Heureux from behind the lens.

Joe, Jon, and probably Jordan. But maybe Andy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snowboarding with the Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds wearing some super limited Ashbury Kaleidescope sample goggles at Bear Mountain. Yeah the boss was shredding for his third time today and he's definitely not scared.

I used to snowboard with Christianna Reynolds back when Snow Summit was the hot spot. She was legit, snowboarding fast and composed. It's been a while, good times.

Mike's new board had some top sheet troubles after one run.

Mike drew on his tail as well.

Darek "With an A" Greer helping Mike with his troubles.

Big Bear has a zoo. We parked right next to the eagles. That's a Golden Eagle to the left and if you look a little up and to the right you may be able to make out the Bald Eagle. Eagles are majestic.

A very small fox.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dirks in Quebec

Nick Dirks is sliding rails in Quebec right now with Louif Paradis and Transworld Filmer Joe Carlino with Jonas Michilot joining very soon as well. Joe said they're getting loose in the streets. He also sent me some photos he has from the trip.

This one is art.

This one's not even photo shopped, that truck actually exists. They should have had Nick stand closer with the wheels just above his head, he'd look like Mickey Mouse.

I tried everything I could to make these next photos straight, but whenever I'd throw them in they would always end up sideways. So here is Nick getting ready to set up a rail.

Chairlifting with some smooth goggles.

Joe Carlino doing a baby keg stand. Joe is truly sideways.

Maybe they'll send me more photos to post as they're trip goes on? Check back.

Desiree's Diagram

Desiree was trying to tell me about an obstacle she hit with Harrison and some other snowboarders. It got a little confusing so she drew this diagram for me. Cleared things right up!

I think you come from the right?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Foundation Snowboard Camp

Our man Pete Harvieux has a snowboard camp going on this month at Buck Hill. If your in the mid west you should check it out, if Pete's doing it then I'm sure it will be a good time. Joe Sexton is signed up as a guest coach as well!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Joe's Turn...

Last time Joey Sexton was in California we went to Fuel TV to see Nima on the Daily Habit, now it's Joe's turn. So tune in to Fuel on December 14th to check out Joe! Or come up to Bear Mountain, Joe will be sticking around until December 9th.

Mike and Joe handling some snacks and beverages before the show.

Here is Joe looking over Lutzka's script.

I personally didn't think Joe needed any making up.

Keir was hosting the show this time. They did a holiday product review on some funny gear.

We stayed at Austin Sherbanenko's in LA, so he joined us at Fuel. Austin shot video of the whole thing with his point and shoot, not incognito at all.

Joe and his boy Keir chilling between shots.

The lovely Sarah, or Sara?

Sexton's impersonation of a puffer fish or something.