Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sharks and Stingrays

I was going fishing in one of the mini back bays in Newport Beach when Louie Paradise, more commonly known as Louif Paradis, called me. Louif and his girlfriend Eve had just driven from British Columbia and were driving through Newport to San Diego and then on to Quebec. So they joined me and some friends.

Eve opened it up real quick. She caught hers before Louif even had his bait in the water. We were catching sand sharks.

My friend Narissa was on a rampage. This shark I'm grappling with is the first fish she ever caught.

Louif reeling one in. He's all mellow about it.

And tossing it back.

Narissa caught this sting ray as well. I was scared of it.

This is my friend Joe and his first fish ever. The two times I've fished here, three of my friends have caught their first fish ever. Drainage water produces hungry fish.

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Huckleberry Hart said...

This is so incredible!
It is shark week on Discovery Channel too! So much fun to be had with sea critters!