Saturday, August 2, 2008

Eric Fernandez Documents the Baker Deathwish Demo in SLC

Baker and Deathwish are on tour and Eric Fernandez, who has been patiently waiting for his copy of Autumn Line's Technicolour, brought his nice camera (I don't know if it's nice actually) and shot some photographs.

Antwuan Dixon showing mad respect.

Cale Zima.

Cody Comrie. He kinda looks like he's transforming into the Hulk or something.

And here he is skateboarding.

Eric, Dave Graves, and Lizard King.

Fice. Laura Hadar threw the after party.

Jiminy Greco.

Lizard King.

Lizard and Spanky.




Kickflip frontboard.

Wallie up.

Scanzoni and friends on their way to the party.



The Boss.



eric fenrandez said...

cody's grin in the skate pic

Terence said...

theotis has the illest name in skateboarding

Anonymous said...

Im down with antwon

punky brooster said...

i would totally fuck danny scanzoni. i heard he has the dick of a komodo dragon on acid! yum

Wilmoth said...

yeah graves ! ! ! ! !

FlourCity said...

Kind Bro always with a big smile!

Anthony said...

there is a light up pentagram at the party...awesome